NewSky Security LLC Partners With People Power

This week, we announce our a partnering opportunity to incorporate IoT Halo (TM) with People Power Company’s Pro Security IoT Home Gateway and help protect IoT devices from harmful attacks.  The gateway incorporates NewSky Security’s most advanced hacker-resistant device security technology and answers the need for a home internet gateway with extraordinary levels of internet security for IoT systems. IoT Halo (TM) is an AI-based solution that actively learns and enforces expected patterns of network traffic, identifying and remedying suspicious and potentially overwhelming network activities and anomalies.

About People Power Pro
People Power Pro Security, a white-label home security solution designed to help digital service providers — such as utilities, telecoms, cable operators and manufacturers — bring valuable smart home services to their customers. People Power Pro Security allows them to employ new bot services, designed for faster construction and implementation of smart home intelligence, and the People Power IoT Gateway, which delivers unmatched levels of internet security for IoT deployments. Its new offerings cement People Power’s position as one of the first companies in the world to build and deploy bot-enabled smart home IoT systems.

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