Garage Door Openers


You don’t have to buy a new garage door opener in order to control it with your smartphone. Chamberlain MyQ products allow you to control your existing garage door with your iPhone or Android device.



Keypads and codes lead to questions — Who has my code? How secure is my garage? And one of the most common worries…did I forget to close the garage door?! Garageio answers all these questions and more, working from anywhere you have an internet connection. Control your garage door from as close as the next room or as far as the other side of the world, and monitor each door’s detailed activity through the Garageio Dashboard.


Asante Garage

The Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit lets you view and control your garage door via your smartphone. Every kit comes with one camera and one Home Extender. Camera provides an easy retrofit to your current garage door wall mount button. The Home Extender communicates with camera wirelessly and connects to Internet using your home router. Wireless coverage for an area of up to 5000 square feet can be achieved.

Craftsman AssureLink

Have peace of mind and never worry about an open garage door again. The MyQ Internet Gateway and Wall Control kit connects to the internet through your home router, and when combined with other MyQ devices, allows you to open, close and monitor your garage door opener and control your household lighting from anywhere via your smartphone.

Garage Door Buddy

Smartphone Garage Door Opener Remote V2.0. Easy and secure remote to control your garage door from your phone. Supports up to two openers. Forgot your house keys? Just launch the app on your smartphone. No need to buy a remote control for everyone in the house. Just download the Free app!


Garadget is a simple and elegant way to breath a new life into your existing garage doors opener. It helps prevent mishaps so familiar to many of us: having to drive back to double-check if the garage door is closed, wondering if anything is missing after realizing the garage was left open all night, getting dropped off at home by the mechanic’s shuttle to realize that the garage remote is back in the car, etc. With Garadget, the gut sinking feeling is replaced with the satisfying “a-ha!”.

GoGogagte 2

The Gogogate2 is a simpler, smarter and better way to remotely open, close and monitor your garage door or gate from a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Gogogate2 is the most advanced garage door controller in the market. The system unique features: compatibility with garage doors and gates, video monitoring feature, advanced access management system and non-cloud based technology.


LiftMaster MyQ

Gone are the days of wondering if you put the door down or worrying over the kids forgetting their keys. Now, any LiftMaster (that is not security 2.0 MYQ technology already) garage door opener manufactured since 1998 can be controlled with your smartphone, tablet or computer thanks to the new 888 lm MYQ control panel (when paired with the 828lm LiftMaster internet gateway, sold separately). MYQ technology enables you to manage, monitor and control everything from your garage door opener to lights and beyond – anytime and from anywhere. It also allows for simple programming of new MYQ accessories and security+ 2.0TM remote controls and keyless entry products and features timer-to-close, that automatically closes the garage door after a pre-programmed number of minutes – making it easy if you have your hands full.

Aladdin Connect

GENIE 39142R Aladdin connect smartphone system. Compatible with smartphone, iPad & tablet devices. Easy installation & setup. Operates up to 3 doors with 1 system. Able to program timed closed functions. Wi-Fi communication. Retro-fit capable. Works with all brands.