Medical & Fitness


AdhereTech makes smart, wireless pill bottles that help ensure that patients are taking their medication. They are currently being used for research studies, but their use will likely expand to the general population.

Biotricity Bioflux

Available by prescription, Bioflux is a ECG monitoring device that allows physicians to keep track of their cardiac patients 24 hours a day. The full solution includes the device, analytics software and a monitoring service that can contact patients and health care providers when patients are in distress.

Breathometer Mint

Breathe into the Mint device, and it will tell you how effectively you are brushing your teeth. (Yes, essentially, this is an IoT device that tells you if you have bad breath). It gives you a grade and tracks your progress towards better oral hygiene.


FitBit leads the market for wearable fitness and health trackers. Devices are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, and they can help consumers track progress towards a wide variety of fitness goals.

Garmin Forerunner

This line of fitness trackers is focused on people who consider themselves to be athletes. It tracks your heart rate, pace and times, and it includes tools for a wide variety of sports.


Misfit makes several different fitness and sleep trackers, including one waterproof model designed for swimmers and the no-frills Flash model, which is one of the least-expensive products of this kind on the market. The company also offers some connected lighting products.

Samsung Gear Fit

This dustproof, water-resistant fitness tracker features a curved display and long-lasting battery. It can also receive alerts about emails and text messages, and it integrates with Samsung’s S Health app.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Extremely easy to use, this blood pressure monitor slips over your arm, takes your blood pressure readings and sends the results to your smartphone where they are tracked over time. The same company also makes other health-related IoT products like fitness sensors, oxygen sensors, baby monitors, scales, thermometers and more.