Smart Device Security


Dojo is constantly analyzing all the network traffic within the home network and enforces the security policy of that specific network. This analysis is done both on the device and Dojo-Labs cloud.

Dojo-Labs’ cloud based cyber security engine constantly collects and analyzes the metadata that has been generated by all the deployed Dojos.


Traffic to all your smart devices is routed through the secured Sense network, with malware and other threats blocked.

Traffic is analyzed with the help of F-Secure security cloud, where threat definitions are updated in real time. Sense also blocks unwanted tracking attempts, making you invisible to data collection companies and others trying to profit at the expense of your privacy.


This all-in-one home security system captures video and audio and sends alerts to your smartphone. It automatically knows when you are home or away (no need to enter a security code), and you can also view the live video feed from your phone.

Chamberlain MyQ

You don’t have to buy a new garage door opener in order to control it with your smartphone. Chamberlain MyQ products allow you to control your existing garage door with your iPhone or Android device.