Smart Outlets

ConnectSense Smart Outlet

With the Connect Sense Smart Outlet, controlling and monitoring the power usage in your home has never been easier. With the touch of a button, the Apple Home Kit-enabled Smart Outlet gives you command of your home. The Smart Outlet features two internet-connected electrical sockets that enable users to control devices plugged into them. The Smart Outlet features Apple Home Kit technology, which provides safe, end-to-end encryption. After installing the Connect Sense Smart Outlet, users can create a scene to automatically turn off the lights, lock the doors, close the garage door and set the thermostat to the desired temperature in one simple step.

Amcrest WiFi Smart Plug

The new Smart Plug gives consumers a super simple solution for automating devices in their home or office. The easy plug-and-play set up with the WiFi Direct feature provides immediate activation for any TV, computer, appliance, coffeemaker or light fixture. A bonus feature includes an Enhanced Wi-Fi Mode to strengthen and extend wireless signals in homes or offices.

Ankuoo NEO PRO Wi-Fi Smart Switch

With the free NEO App, you can set schedule timers, anti-theft timers and countdown timers. Use your smartphone or tablet to set the schedule to automatically turn lamps, fans, holiday lights and other electrical devices on and off at programmed times. Set one or multiple on/off settings for each day of the week, daily cycles, or weekday-weekend cycles. Set anti-theft timer to create a lived-in look for vacation security. With countdown timer set your lights, fans or heaters to count down for shutting off at a desired time.

Bayit Wi-Fi Socket

Bayit Switch Wi-Fi enabled socket connects your appliances and electronics to your Wi-Fi network, allowing remote On and Off control to your appliances/devices from anywhere in the world. Turn on your AC when you’re on the way home or set your lamp on a schedule to make it look like someone is home when you’re not, all from the comfort of your mobile device. With so many ways to use it, Bayit Switch will find a task in any home.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Belkin’s WeMo is a complete line of home IoT devices that includes smart switches, cameras, lights, an air purifier, heater, slow cooker, humidifier and more. The company has partnerships with several other firms that allows end users to control a lot of different devices with one smartphone app.


iDevices Switch

This easy to use connected plug allows you to control, monitor and schedule electronic appliances throughout your home using your iDevices Connected app along with an Android device, Siri, or Alexa voice commands.

iHome WiFi Smart Plug

The Home Control Smart Plug from I Home is a WiFi-enabled wall plug that enables you to control any device connected to the Smart Plug from any location where you have Internet access via your compatible IOS or Android device. It even responds to Siri voice commands given on a device using iOS 8 or higher! The slim design means you can plug 2 of them into 1 standard outlet, or choose to plug in 1 and leave the other half of the outlet free.

Nyrius Smart Outlet

Control any device that plugs into an outlet with just a touch of your smartphone or tablet. The Nyrius Smart Outlet instantly transforms any outlet into a wireless one. Now you can remotely turn electronics on and off, schedule timers, and set proximity controls in your home or business. The Smart Outlet is perfect for indoor lighting, space heaters, fans, irons, home stereo systems, or any device you want to control.

Orvibo Wifi Smart Socket

It’s a wifi socket that connects to the internet. The S20 smart socket connects your home electronics to the internet so that you can remote control all of them through 2G,3G or Wi-Fi at anytime and anywhere. Set a timer on the outet, keep your devices safe with a longer life, never worry again about being overcharged. Friendly app design and easy to use.


The SunPortTM solar delivery device can be used to access solar energy at home or on the go through any standard three prong outlet. This device connects with the SunPort app and requires an iOS or Android smartphone fully supporting Bluetooth 4.0, as well as a current CloudSolarTM access plan.

Woods WiOn Indoor

Control and monitor your lights and appliances with your smartphone from anywhere with the Woods WiOn indoor switch. Program your porch light to turn on at sunset, turn the bathroom fan off after selected time, schedule the ceiling fan to be on so you come home to a cool house, or set lights to randomly go on and off for an occupied appearance while you’re on vacation.