Amazon Echo

This smart home hub is essentially a speaker that can listen to users and respond to commands, it can play music, answer questions, read audiobooks, deliver traffic and weather reports, control lights and thermostats, order pizza, order an Uber and much more. The company has also released a similar, lower-priced device called the Tap.


AmazonDash Button

Amazon offers an assortment of buttons that will order additional supplies of commonly used household products directly from There are buttons for toilet paper, goldfish crackers, soap, laundry detergent, trash bags, cleaners, Gatorade, soup, razors, beauty products, baby formula and much more.



Cinder’s website describes this product as “a cross between sous vide, the high-end slow-cooking water bath method used by restaurant chefs, and the George Forman grill.” It’s a countertop grill that connects to your smartphone to make cooking fast and easy.


June Intelligence Oven

This countertop oven aims to be “more efficient than your conventional oven, more precise than your toaster oven, and way more intelligent than either.” It includes digital core temperature probes, a built-in digital scale and a camera with a food recognition engine. The company is accepting pre-orders, and products are scheduled to begin shipping before the end of the year.



With this connected coffee maker you can use your smartphone to schedule coffee brewing, order supplies and receive maintenance alerts. The machine heats up quickly and uses single-serve coffee capsules.



With Neurio, homeowners can track their energy usage (or energy production if they have solar panels installed) from their smartphones. It takes a little work to install the device onto your electrical panel, but it can help you identify opportunities for energy savings in your home.


Osram lightify

OSRAM’s Lightify line offers connected lighting for home indoor and outdoor use. It also offers controllers and connected lighting for industrial spaces. 


Designed for music lovers, Sonos is a smart speaker system that you can install in a single room or throughout your house. Use the free smartphone app to control the music playing on the speakers—you can even play different music in each room.


Whirlpool Smart Appliances

For now, Whirlpool’s only smart appliances are washers and dryers, but its website seems to suggest that it has plans to offer more appliances that can connect to smartphones and tablets. Interestingly, the washer and dryer can also connect to the Nest thermostat to help consumers save money on their energy bills.

Click and Grow

If you thought gardening was a low-tech activity, meet Click and Grow, the smart indoor garden. The company claims it helps balance oxygen, water and nutritional ingredients to help plants grow better and faster.


Designed for fisherman, Deeper is a portable fish finder that transmits sonar readings to your smartphone. Simply attach Deeper to your line and cast it into the water. Then check your phone to see the water depth and temperature, bottom contours and where the fish are hiding.


Designed for the retail and hospitality industries, Theatro makes a wearable WiFi-based communication device designed to improve worker productivity. It weighs just an ounce and a half, and helps hourly workers stay in touch with each other and receive quick answers to questions.


Have a dog who likes to run? Whistle is an Internet-connected collar that tracks your pet’s location and activity level. It can also monitor your pet’s health trends, making it a little bit like a FitBit for dogs.